Jumat, 23 Juli 2010

bad boy thought lol, you wish girl!

i am a bad, bad boy
but fell in love with good girl.
she drives me crazy,
yes she is my drugs now,
and no more alcohol or weeds.
she makes me live,
she makes me fly, flying high to the stars,
she makes me see the most impossible thing,
she gives me hope, and my life just started,
she makes me right after all

15 April 2010

every thing so hard and so wrong because of me.
why me? why it seems like i am the one who always wrong?
i do not have the answer.
i dont know why.
everything seems so unfair.
maybe if you go alone, you will be more adventurous and free.

now each day seems harder, but i hope we will go stronger
we will still together and love each other.