Sabtu, 27 November 2010

my routine colors my life.
sometimes i just enjoy it so much
sometimes it just so sucks

it's kinda sad that it makes my time with my love fewer
but then i take it as positive that this is the time that we could test our love,
we could see how tough is our love
how deep is our love
is this just a love game or real love

it's getting hard for the first time
but i'm starting to accept all the conditions
i try to trust my life partner.

i don't want to call him just a boyfriend
but he is my life partner

benci untuk mencinta

oh betapa ku menyadari ku benci untuk mencintaimu
oh betapa ku menyadari ku cinta untuk membencimu

aku tak tahu apa yang terjadi antara aku dan kau
yang ku tahu pasti ku benci untuk mencitai mu


Jumat, 23 Juli 2010

bad boy thought lol, you wish girl!

i am a bad, bad boy
but fell in love with good girl.
she drives me crazy,
yes she is my drugs now,
and no more alcohol or weeds.
she makes me live,
she makes me fly, flying high to the stars,
she makes me see the most impossible thing,
she gives me hope, and my life just started,
she makes me right after all

15 April 2010

every thing so hard and so wrong because of me.
why me? why it seems like i am the one who always wrong?
i do not have the answer.
i dont know why.
everything seems so unfair.
maybe if you go alone, you will be more adventurous and free.

now each day seems harder, but i hope we will go stronger
we will still together and love each other.

Kamis, 14 Januari 2010

copy from someone

I know...

I know that you are my lovely queen
I never felt crazy to someone like this before

And also,

I must prepared myself to had another broken heart again
I must prepared myself to realize that it is not as simple as I thought

I know...

I know that it's the greatest and brightest of all the colour
I know that it implies honesty and nobleness heart of you

And also,

I know that it's reflected myself from your eyes
That I'm the most contemptible people in this world
And I know that it makes me mess

I know...

I know that it's the greatest moment of all my life

And also,

I know it gives me the biggest fear in my life
The biggest fear as I see your smile on the burden of life makes me look fragile and weak...

Cause I know,

I'm like a house of cards in a hurricane
I cant pretend myself to be strong and stable

I know...

I know it's the greatest second of my life

And also,

I know that it makes me weak...
Cause every single word that I myself prepare to talk with you becomes lost

I know...

I know that it won't be the same day as usual
Before you came into my life,
Days by days all fade in black and white
Since you came, everything has changed

And also,

I know that I must prepared myself to lose you from my life
Cause I know, it is not easy to get you

I know...

I know that my heart feel happy that moment
I know that it is what I dreamed about
I know that it is what i want in my life
Being around you...
Always able to see your face and your smooth smile

And also,

I know it is my greatest weakness
I'm not perfect if I'm with you
I'm not as what you want

And probably,

I can't be with you like this forever
I know that your heart is not mine
I know that deepest in your heart, you still have your "DREAM"
I know that I am the most contemptible that is not worth to getting yourself

I try,

But, the fact is the condition aren't in my side
I failed

I try,

To find the key of your heart
But, it looks like you always avoid from me...

How long will I be waiting?
I just want to spend whole-night with you
I just want for one day,
One whole day with you

Cause when you walked away,

You left my life in disarray
You put me on the greatest curse of my life

I don't wanna lose you
But,You are so hard to hold

I won't let you go
But, I can't do that

I am such a broken man

How could it be me?
How could this happen to me??