Senin, 24 November 2008

today's second note

dear love, the sweetest thing has gone, the bitterness is now coming, but I am still trying to love you in the coolest way!

today's first note

If not today, maybe tomorrow or maybe never
If not now, maybe later or maybe never
I do feel the pain, but that's the consequence in loving you
How long should I wait for you?
I am tired pretending for some more days
What would be now?
I hope it for last, but could it last?
I doubt it for sure...

14 November 2008


So if I close my eyes right now will you still stay right here beside me
or will you faded up waiting for me and go find someone else?

What do you think about tomorrow?
Will tomorrow be as sweet as today?
Oh I hate to know the answer, if I open my eyes right now!

What makes you love me, boy?
Tell me, tell me now!
So I can stay the same, to keep you here with me forever.

My dream is simple-to always see you right here when I open my eyes.

11 November 2008

today my bbf mau ngasih 'surprise' buat gw, tapi gw uda keburu pulang sama nyokap gw...SIAL!!!!

1 November 2008

Recently, banyak hal yang bikin gw seneng, but i don't know how long it will last hahhaha